Teenager taping windows up before a hurricane.

5 Hurricane Preparedness Myths

When it comes to hurricanes, it seems like everyone is somewhat of an expert. Unfortunately, the vast majority of presumed storm authorities truly don’t know what the heck they’re talking about. Below is a list of commonly assumed hurricane preparedness tips that are absolutely not true.

Hurricane Preparedness Myths

  1. Crack Your Windows to Stabilize Pressure Inside

This is a highly flawed theory for several major reasons. First of all, buildings are not airtight – they are riddled with tiny holes and cracks and are not likely to explode in the case of a hurricane. Additionally, when wind gets into your home, it is likely to want to find a way out.

  1. Tape Up Windows To Prevent Them From Shattering

When taped windows are hit with large pieces of flying debris, the shards of glass that will result will be much larger and more dangerous than the small shards that would result from an un-taped window being hit. Taping a window will only make the overall situation more dangerous – don’t do it!

  1. Leaning Up Against A Widow or Door That Is Being Blown By Wind Will Keep It From Breaking

This simply isn’t true – if the wind is stronger than the door or window it is certainly stronger than you! You are putting yourself in harms way by leaning up against a door or a window; if it is hit by flying debris, it will break whether or not you are standing behind it.

  1. Only Board Up Windows And Doors That Face the Water

Hurricanes are rotating storms that are constantly moving throughout the region they hit. Avoid cutting corners when it comes to preparing for a major storm. Debris is likely to ricochet as well, thus all windows and doors must be equally as protected.

  1. You Won’t Get Hit If You Aren’t On The Coast

Actually, major hurricanes tend to make it pretty far inland before they dissipate. And excess rainwater commonly floods inland rivers and streams, seeing as it has nowhere else to go after the storm dies down. You are just as likely to get hit if you are not on the coast, assuming you won’t is a recipe for disaster.

The only way to thoroughly and successfully prepare for a hurricane is to have some hurricane impact windows and security doors professionally manufactured for the event of a destructive storm installed in your home, weather-proofing it for years to come.