Designing a (Hurricane Proof) Dream Home

When designing the house of his or her dreams, an individual is liable to overlook the necessity of weatherproofing. The combination of wealth and unforgiving acts of Mother Nature prevalent throughout Southern Florida make taking weather-preparedness seriously when constructing the beachside mansion you have always dreamed of owning. Of course, no region of the country is completely immune to harsh weather patterns. It is important for architects to take the standard and expected weather of each region into careful consideration as they build a home. Fortunately, product innovations such as hurricane proof doors and storm resistant windows make safety-proofing a home far more simple for architects across the world.

Hurricane Proof Your Windows and Doors to Protect Your Entire Home

The average repair cost after any major home is somewhere right around $6,500, according to insurance experts nationwide. The majority of damage during hurricanes could have been prevented had the owners of the affected home installed hurricane proof windows and doors. Physical damage is not the only price homeowners pay, there is the interruption of daily life that takes place when a living space is damaged as well. Preventing all of these hardships is simple, and well worth the initial cost of installing the proper preventative measures.

When designing a weatherproof home, architects tend to focus on the “envelope” – the walls, roof, and windows and doors. Windows are the most vulnerable part of the home and therefore the most important part of storm protection. As long as the windows and doors are secure, the rest of the home will be more liable to resist damage. When sitting home to design a home with an architect, be sure to pay careful attention to the installation of sturdy and reliable doors and windows. And if you have been living in a home for awhile, it is never too late to take precautionary measures and install hurricane proof windows and doors.