Hurricane Windows in Miami: Not Just for Beachfront Properties

Hurricane windows in Miami are often thought of in one sense: protecting your property (commercial or residential) from the impact of hurricane winds. This is true, of course, but most people associate hurricane winds only with the coast. Suffice it to say, hurricane windows in Miami can and should protect much more than beachfront property.

Hurricane Windows in Miami: Not Just for Beachfront Properties

Miami encompasses much more than Biscayne Boulevard. While it is true that much of the cityscape lies on or directly near the coast, its overall geography should also be recognized. Like much of Florida, Miami is incredibly flat. This means that hurricanes impact much more than beachfront property. Hurricane windows in Miami are responsible for protecting homes that are far inland.

Why Inland Properties Need Hurricane Windows in Miami

The average height of Miami is only 6 feet above sea level. Not even the highest point — about 12 meters — is enough to protect from the impact of hurricane winds. Adding to this problem is the fact that hurricane seem to be getting stronger by the year, according to the National Weather Service.

With hurricane windows in Miami, you’re offered a permanent solution to the permanent problem of hurricanes and tropical storms. It doesn’t matter where you live or what kind of property you own. From inland to beachfront, sea-level to high-rise suites, hurricane windows in Miami guarantee year-long protection.

The Additional Benefits of Hurricane Windows in Miami

In any case, there are benefits to installing hurricane windows in Miami (in the unlikely event that a storm never occurs). Insurance may be less expensive inland, but the same premium discounts for hurricane impact windows apply regardless. This is due not only to their mitigation of hurricane-related property damage, but also to their added security features. They are more secure than regular windows, thus deterring burglary.

In conclusion, we cannot limit hurricane windows in Miami to beachfront properties. They have the potential to protect all homes, all business — so call your Miami window installation service at (866) 466-5094 today!