Impact Resistant Windows: What You Should Know

It seems like every year during Hurricane Season, we always see news footage of people rushing to Home Depot in order to board up their house to protect themselves from the storm. This is not only impractical, but it can also be downright foolish. Without the strength of impact resistant windows and doors, the air pressure from a tropical storm will literally cause your house to collapse from the inside out.

Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the benefits of impact resistant windows. This is what explains all the commotion each year. In order to educate you on what our windows and doors do, here is a list of what you should know.

How Impact Resistant Windows Compare to Shutters

There is no question that, compared to hurricane shutters, impact windows offer superior protection. Their permanent installation eliminates the time and cost of installing shutters year after year. In addition, their insulation and security features have the potential to increase your property value at resale, which can totally recoup the initial cost of installing them.

What Their Strengths Are

Hurricane impact resistant windows are rigorously tested to withstand the impact of a Category 5 hurricane, as well as the debris that comes with it. However, the true strength of these windows comes from their ability to prevent hurricanes’ air pressure from overwhelming a house. A single crack can result in a leak and the difference between your house’s and the hurricane’s air pressure can cause your entire house to expand and then give in.

Building Codes, Regulations & Other Legalities

Building codes vary by location, but the South Florida code stipulates that (as of 2001) all domiciles must have some form of protection (either shutters or impact resistant windows). For more information on the regulations in your specific location, refer to this directory of Florida building codes.