WinDoor Inc. manufactures high-end Sliding Glass Doors and Terrace Doors for hurricane and severe weather markets. We offer aluminum, as well as energy-efficient vinyl and thermally-broken aluminum for all environments. Our craftsmanship, attention to detail, and ultra-high-performance ratings have made WinDoor Incorporated the product of choice for five-star resorts, luxury high-rise condominiums, and celebrity mansions along the US coastline… From Florida to Texas to the Caribbean and throughout the U.S.A.

Aluminum & Thermally Broken Products:

Our line of Aluminum Impact And Non-Impact WinDows and Sliding Glass Doors are manufactured in accordance with the most stringent impact standards in the country- Miami-Dade protocols. Our impact products are produced by using impact resistant laminated glass, heavy commercial-grade aluminum and we only use the finest high-grade hardware available from stainless steel to our composite materials for our non-corrosive handles.

  • Sliding Glass Doors:

7000 Series Impact & Non Impact

8100 Series Impact & Non-Impact.

  • Fixed WinDow:

3000 Series Impact & Non- Impact

  • Operable WinDows:

4000 Series Impact & Non – Impact

  • WinDow Wall System:

4030 Series Impact & Non – Impact


Vinyl Windows are strong, durable and resistant to abrasion and moisture. It also can withstand rust and corrosion, is electrically non-conductive and has good fire performance properties. “Because it is less than half petroleum, vinyl is the most energy-efficient plastic, and because it has been used for more than half century, it is one of the world’s most analyzed and tested materials.” It was originally developed by scientists in the 1920’s, who had no idea at the time that product would amount to so much.
Studies have shown how vinyl products are more cost effective in comparison to other building products. For example, taking into account installation costs and maintenance for 20 years, a 1996 study found that one three-foot by four-foot wood double-hung WinDow costs about 10 percent more than a vinyl one. That cost is more significant if you consider the average home has 15 windows.

The advantages of using vinyl are making it an increasingly popular choice in construction. In the 1980’s sales of vinyl windows increased dramatically. In fact, from 1992 to 1998, the sales of vinyl windows in residential new construction and remodeling jumped by nearly 125 percent. “Today, vinyl WinDows rivals traditional materials for aesthetics, durability, energy efficiency and value,”

Very little maintenance is required with vinyl WinDows – They may require a periodic cleaning with a standard household cleaner but will never need to be painted, stained or otherwise treated to maintain their color and strength. And unlike other materials, vinyl windows will not chip, corrode, crack, peel or rot.”

A New Way Of Looking At Vinyl Products…

Introducing our Eco-Impact Vinyl Series

Strength & Energy Efficient WinDows & Sliding Glass Doors