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Hurricane Season Over: Protect Your House Now

Hurricane Season ended earlier this month so now is the time to take advantage of great off-season pricing for replacing or installing impact windows. At first thought, the entire process of replacing old windows and doors to new energy efficient impact windows and doors can feel scary, overwhelming and expensive. But have no fear, we help eliminate all of the stress for you. If you are in the market for new windows, we put together a few rule of thumb suggestions for you to consider when you are looking to make a purchase to protect your home:

  1. Double check for a permanent mark or engraving on a corner of the glass windows. These marks typically include glass thickness, certification/standards, supplier’s name and date and location of manufacturing. Some sheets of glass may include this information on a removable label if the glass was cut differently than a traditional size.
  2. Look closely for the reflection of the glass window. You should notice two different reflections in a laminated glass since they contain two different sheets of glass.
  3. Make sure to get UV protected glass to improve the longevity of the windows from deteriorating due to sunray damage
  4. Decide on a laminated impact glass to reduce outside noise from transferring into the interior of your house as well as reduce the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling your property
  5. Impact resistant windows need to be strongly-framed to protect from possible weather projectiles. Frames using metal, wood or vinyl are recommended and provide much more protection than a typical window frame

Again, we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to be ready for when hurricane season. If you act now, while the demand is low, we can complete your project on your schedule with the best price as possible.

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