The 5 Most Expensive Hurricanes in History

The cost of every hurricane is beyond measure — in terms of not just material goods, but also misery and human life. There are some storms that allow us to recoup what is lost, but many others do so much more damage. Here is a list of the 5 most expensive hurricanes in history (according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association).

1. Hurricane Katrina

  • Where: Bahamas, South Florida, Cuba, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Northwestern Florida, North American East Coast
  • When: 2005
  • How Much: At $108 billion ($145 billion today, adjusted for inflation), Hurricane Katrina is the most expensive hurricane in American history. It is also one of the top 5 deadliest, with over 1,800 fatalities in the US alone.

2. Hurricane Andrew

  • Where: Bahamas, Southern Florida, Louisiana
  • When: 1992
  • How Much: At the time it occurred, Andrew was the most expensive hurricane in US history. It cost $26.5 billion in 1993 USD, about $43.5 billion in today’s dollars.

3. Hurricane Ike

  • Where: Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Florida Keys, Southern & Central United States, Ohio, Great Lakes & surrounding areas, Canadian east coast
  • When: 2008
  • How Much: At $24.8 billion, Hurricane Ike is the 3rd costliest hurricane in US history. However, it is the most expensive hurricane in the history of Cuba.

4. Hurricane Wilma

  • Where: Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, Cayman Islands, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, Mexico(Cozumel, Yucatán Peninsula), Southern Florida, Bahamas, Canadian Atlantic coast, parts of Western Europe
  • When: 2005
  • How Much: $29.1 billion in 2005 USD, $18.6 adjusted for inflation

5. Hurricane Rita

  • Where: Dominican Republic, Haiti, Turks & Caicos Islands, Bahamas, Cuba, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Canada, Europe
  • When: 2005
  • How Much: Hurricane Rita was part of the record-breaking hurricane season of 2005. This year included not only Rita, but also some of the other most expensive hurricanes in US history (Hurricane Wilma and Hurricane Katrina). It cost $12 billion in 2005 USD, or $18.6 billion when adjusted for inflation.