This house has some serious hurricane protection.

Top 8 Products for Hurricane Protection

Hurricane protection could be the difference between a safe and sound storm experience and a really unfortunate disaster. When it comes to hurricane proof windows and doors – nothing really beats the outstanding protection offered by professionally installed Prestige products. However – hurricane window and door installation takes time, especially when it is done thoroughly and properly. If you ever find yourself in a precarious situation, with a hurricane one or two days away and no time for professional installation, here are several preparedness necessities you will not want to go without.

  1. Plywood

Plywood is relatively inexpensive, and is a great option for those who love to “do it themselves” based on the ease with which it is installed. Plywood has been effective in stopping flying debris… just make sure you remember to nail it on the outside of your home.

7.   Flood Barriers

Flood barriers are intended to help those who reside inland from minimal flooding – not to protect those who live on the coast from major storm surges. Sandbags are typically the most popular option as far as flood barriers go because they are so inexpensive, though it takes hundreds to make a significant barrier. And they are so darn heavy! Other good options include water-filled tubes and portable walls. Just remember – if floodwater rises above the barrier, it will be essentially ineffective.

6.   Storm Panels

Aluminum or corrugated steel shutters are bolted over doors and windows to protect the home from flying debris. Most all storm panels are attached to the exterior of the home with a series of tracks and bolts, which are installed permanently. Storm panels are relatively cheap to install, though they tend to be bulky and not easily stored.

  1. Fabric Panels

Polymer-based fabric panels add a bouncy layer of cushioning to doors and windows to protect from flying debris. The bonus of this type of prevention is it does not compromise visibility- so if you enjoy watching the storm brewing outside you have the option of doing so. Fabric panels are anchored to the edges of doorways and windows with wing-bolts and grommets, making them easy to install and to take down.

4.   Hurricane Straps

Hurricane straps are designed to help keep the roof of a home intact during a storm. These straps work best when installed in a new home, and have been proven successful in keeping a lid on things.

  1.  Roll-down Hurricane Shutters

No question about it, roll-down shutters are the easiest way to prepare a                       home for a storm in a moment’s notice. These aluminum shutters are typically stored in a narrow box located above the window and door, and roll down with the crank of a handle or even the push of a button. While these are relatively expensive to install, they are custom fitted to your home and last for years and years.

  1. Garage Door Braces

The garage door is just as susceptible to destructive winds as windows and doors, and garage door braces are always a good idea – especially if your home is older. These are generally inexpensive and easy to install.

  1. Hurricane Glass!

Skip the hassle! While all of these options are valid, none hold a candle to hurricane impact windows and doors. Don’t wait until the next storm rolls around – contact Prestige to get a quote on your home today!